Our team has experience in different fields and areas of work. Despite their youth, our team members have extensive experience in litigation and complex negotiations, research and consulting work, undergraduate and graduate university teaching, and participation in various structures of the public administration, the legislature, and the judiciary.

We have intervened as lawyers for civil society organizations in collective processes of public importance. We obtained precautionary and merit judgments, as well as class settlements, that resulted in, the modification of the cell phone billing system throughout the country (2013), the annulment of the 2016 tariff increase in the natural gas service for all residential users in the country (2016), and the cessation in the collection of undue charges by appliance companies, health insurance companies, financial entities and banks, as well as the restitution of part of that money (2016, 2017 and 2018).


We also achieved the annulment of the 2014 tariff increase in the natural gas service in the Province of Santa Fe and northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires (2017), the obtaining of public information on the legal conditions under which the stand-by credit with the International Monetary Fund was taken by Argentina in 2018 (2019), the reaffiliation of thousands of people who, upon retirement, were unduly expelled by their health care company (2019), the access to public environmental information on the implementation of the agrochemical control ordinance of the Municipality of Chascomús (2019), and the order to the main private banks of Argentina not to make deductions on the Emergency Family Income (IFE) and to return the money for the deductions already made (2020).

In the public sector we have participated, and some of us currently do, as legislative and executive advisors in legal, technical, and public management areas, as well as in areas related to the administration of justice. The Director of the Firm has held relevant positions, such as Law Clerk of the Supreme Court of Justice of Buenos Aires Province, Undersecretary of State Modernization of Buenos Aires Province, and Delegated Rapporteur of the General Counsel of Government of Buenos Aires Province.

Regarding consultancies (pro bono and paid), the Director of the Firm has participated as researcher, legal advisor, and in some cases as legal counsel, in judicial cases of the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS), Amnesty International Argentina (Amnesty International, Argentina chapter), the Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC), the Asociación Usuarios y Consumidores Unidos (UCU), Inquilinos Agrupados (IA), the Movimiento Nacional de Empresas Recuperadas (MNER) and the Centro de Estudios de Justicia para las Américas (CEJA).

This professional experience is complemented and enhanced by a continuous development of training, research and teaching activities, which are carried out by all members of the team, with greater or lesser intensity, in public and private, national and foreign universities, at undergraduate and graduate level.

The main focus of our academic work, which explains part of the spectrum of professional areas of expertise offered by the Firm, is on procedural law (individual and collective), class actions, international litigation, public interest litigation, environmental law, consumer protection and health law. We have published books, translations, and numerous articles on these matters in specialized law reviews and journals in Argentina and abroad, as well as participated as lecturers and speakers in several congresses, conferences and training courses held in Argentina and abroad.

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